David Ritt didn’t like electronic music at all.

As a Vienna Choir Boy, being extensively trained in classical music and piano, everybody thought he would go down this path. When he discovered “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex at age 22, everything changed. Eye-opener, game changer. He finally found a way to combine two of his biggest passions. Music and computers!

His songs are playful and aggressive at the same time. They flirt with the classics, while breaking into the unknown. A perfect mixture of chaos and order. You can feel creativity and discipline crashing into each other.

His live sets are usually described with one word: Energy! In a field where everyone sometimes seem to sound the same, he doesn’t.

Look out for David Ritt, because his journey only just got started!



by David Ritt

Officially released music. Available on Spotify, iTunes and everywhere else!



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